How does this work?

You’ll be given a special discount code, named after you! This code will give you and your friends/followers 10% off any smashersoap product. After 5 soaps are purchased using your code, you are able to get paid (PayPal sent at the 1st of every month) for every product sold with your code.



Welcome to the club. 
Get an invitation to a discord specially created for affiliates. You’ll be able to see the newest products and give feedback on them before they even release. You will also be able to play and make friends with other members of the smashersoap team!



Get free soap.

Every time 10 soaps are sold with your code, you get ANY smashersoap of your choice for FREE! 




Its officially official. 
You’ll get some sweet smashersoap logos and promotional stuff to slap onto your streams and content. This can be found below, it is the creators kit. 


What if I don’t stream/create content but want to be an affiliate?

You CAN be an affiliate for personal benefit! You don’t need to stream or create content to be an affiliate, you can simply use your own discount code and give your friends the hook up.



Here are the levels, where you can work your way up for greater rewards.


LEVEL 1 (0-5 soaps sold) 🧽
This is a good start, it’s pretty chill. You don’t earn any commission from sales but you do get a discount code named after you. Share with yourself, friends, and followers!
LEVEL 2 (5+ soaps sold) 🧼
You hit your first 5 soaps sold, and you’re halfway to a free soap of your choice. You are now able to enter the Affiliate portal. This is where you can track how many sales you have made and get paid 15% commission for every soap you sell (PAYPAL)


Let’s make this happen, CLICK HERE to sign up.

Also CLICK HERE to obtain the creators kit. 


 (although smashersoap ships worldwide, you DO need to live in the US to be an affiliate!)