Larry Lurr’s Shower Agenda

Larry Lurr’s Shower Agenda

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This is a natural bar of soap created in collaboration with Larry Lurr, as part of the smashersoap PRO SERIES. Gift this to a friend or take a relaxing shower yourself.


Shower style: CHILL. Lavender is a super calming floral fragrance, you think you're going to do something productive but then you take a shower with this and decide oh ok ill just browse facebook on the couch while telling myself ill get up in a second. This bad boy will relax all of your bones and put you to sleep in 1 frame.




A PRO SERIES soap is a smashersoap inspired by rising stars in the smash community. Every PRO SERIES soap sold supports these players in the race to the top. 


Larry Lurr’s Shower Agenda
FREE Nose Parry Adapter (this adapter enables you to cross-play with people who don't take showers, simply by clipping the adapter onto your nose)

Goats milk & fragrance. We intend to not kill a person by adding in actual garbage.

This soap is handmade from my home. I am an Iowa based college student (studying computer science) and love creating little enjoyments and gag items like this. I test one out of every 5-10 soaps I create as a quality check and love the Smash community. This not only helps me out as I progress through school, but it fills me with enjoyment to see the reactions people get from these silly soaps.

I do not own Super Smash Bros and it's characters, this is not an officially licensed product.


Ships from IOWA, USA. Please give a few days to prepare your order.