Wave 5 Complete Set

Wave 5 Complete Set

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This is a natural bar of soap. Gift this to a friend or take a relaxing shower yourself.

This is a complete set including every soap from wave 4, at a discounted price!


Dash Daddy (Cherry scented)

Mama Floatstool (Peaches and cream scented)

Everyone is Dead! (Birthday cake scented)

Joke & Broke (Mocha frappe scented)


FREE Nose Parry Adapter (this adapter enables you to cross-play with people who don't take showers, simply by clipping the adapter onto your nose)

Goats milk & fragrance. We intend to not kill a person by adding in actual garbage.

This soap is handmade from my home. I am an Iowa based college student (studying computer science) and love creating little enjoyments and gag items like this. I test one out of every 5-10 soaps I create as a quality check and love the Smash community. This not only helps me out as I progress through school, but it fills me with enjoyment to see the reactions people get from these silly soaps.

I do not own Super Smash Bros and it's characters, this is not an officially licensed product.


Ships from IOWA, USA. Please give a few days to prepare your order.